Welcome to Gather &

I'm pleased as punch to re-launch A Local Folkus as Gather &.  After several years focusing primarily on events, plus a couple of years helping to build and champion East End Market, the nature of my work has taken some new direction, and it was time to reboot. 

I've been lucky enough to be able to pursue projects and ideas that appeal to me, and they've largely been about some of the themes I love most: food (it always starts there); bringing people together; working with inspiring entrepreneurs; and building really great experiences, places, and meals.  Gather & is about what comes after that trendy little ampersand: sharing a meal, going to market, learning something new, charting a new course.  It speaks to one of the things I love most about working in this arena, and that's all the magic that can happen when people come together (gather) over food.  A lot of amazing things can happen over a shared meal, in one day in the life of a farmers' market, or in the process of launching a new food business.  

As this newly minted venture progresses, I will share my latest projects, thoughts, and ideas on the blog.  Let's gather & build beautiful things!